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What Exemplar Organisations Do Well

Research in to the improvement journeys of well known and award winning organisations indentifies four management processes that contribute to their success.

Taming Technology

Combining the power of Lean and TPM within a structured change process delivers firstly stable and then optimised operational performance to ratchet up the full potential of Lean workflow and customer responsiveness. Below are a series of short articles to explain how to combine Lean Thinking tools to;

  • Make waste visible
  • Improve the flow of value
  • Systematically increase responsiveness to customer demand

Embrace the Digital World

Delays between what is happening and what is reported has resulted in different views of the current reality.

In addition, format and detail level of information are different to those in Operations, Commercial or Technology functions. The one size fits all approach to information flow, like any average number, gives a general indication of direction but doesn’t meet the needs of anyone.

In this information fog, to maintain control individual managers have resorted to work arounds.

This has resulted in a proliferation of spreadsheets and rogue systems to supplement information provided by the core IT systems

Ratcheting Up Performance

The journey to industry leading performance is characterised by three improvement transitions

These are:

  • Achieve stable operation and zero accidents;
  • Release time by standardising and simplifying routine tasks;
  • Systematically extend time between intervention.

People Centric Leadership

Research into the leadership journey of award winning organisations on their way to best in class performance reveals similarities in their transitional steps from zero to hero. Only around 1% of organisations that start that journey achieve success. Below are Four things that the Leaders in those 1% of companies do better than the rest.

Project Delivery

The theme of this newsletter is how organisations with effective Project Management Practices are those that have learned to blend both the art and science of project management to avoid common project pitfalls. (see examples below)

  • The Art of Project Management: processes that impact on outlook, interaction and decision making
  • The Science of Project Management: Tools and techniques to plan, organise and Control the delivery of project goals.

Logic alone is seldom enough yet project management methods such as Prince2 (Project in Controlled Environments) specifically exclude the knowledge/creative management, project quality assurance mechanisms and value engineering processes that characterise more than 50% of the recipe for success.