Systematic Manufacturing and Process Improvement

In the competitive world of manufacturing and process industries, continuous improvement is not just a goal—it's a necessity.

Our consultancy support is designed to transform your operations, creating a culture of excellence and systematic progress.

We guide organisations to establish TPM Centres of Excellence.

  • Our programs help set basic condition standards, utilise TPM tools to eliminate downtime, and empower shop floor teams.
  • This approach is key to achieving zero breakdowns and enhancing equipment effectiveness through skilled problem-prevention.

Our support builds on that to Optimise operational performance.

  • By adopting Lean Maintenance techniques and guiding leaders, we target both unplanned and planned interventions.
  • This refines process precision, reduces defects, and leverages data to push your performance towards industry-leading standards.

Effective Project Management is crucial. 

We offer programs that improve project selection, design, and delivery.

  • By developing superior specifications and focusing on reducing Asset Life Cycle Costs, your project teams develop the capability to ensure that operations run flawlessly from day one.

Working alongside your team, we accelerate year-on-year performance.

  • This includes conducting scoping studies, facilitating hands-on workshops, and providing coaching to foster internal capabilities.
  • Our goal is to ensure systematic improvement and flawless operation from the outset.
  • Partner with us to engage all levels of your organization in proactive improvement, ensuring your operations are not just running, but excelling, every single day.
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Our Approach

We work with your team to accelerate year on year performance using:

  • Short scoping studies to identify gaps, agree priorities,
  • Hands on training workshops to mobilise practical cross functional improvement projects,
  • Coaching to develop internal capabilities to achieve:
    • Systematic improvement of plant, processes and people,
    • Daily management by local improvement leaders and internal facilitators,
    • Flawless operation from day 1 for Capital Projects.
  • Support local champions and steering committees with programme design, organisation and promotion to engage all levels with proactive improvement.
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