Our Approach


Our support programmes are:

Business Led

  • We assess improvement potential and match with business drivers then identify gaps and next steps to deal with them.

To build on existing good practices

  • We work with the management team to establish business led plans and create the internal improvement network to coordinate and control the deliver that potential.

And engage the workforce with raising standards

  • By enhancing processes to capture tacit knowledge, share learning, develop insight and build problem ownership. That includes the use of training and coaching frameworks to improve workforce flexibility and support future business needs.

To improve reliability and precision.By helping the team to set standards to establish and sustain basic conditions for assets and workflow. That includes guiding local area leaders to refine accountabilities, work standards, learning and compliance pathways.

In addition to specific process improvement results, our support programme deliverables include:

Performance drivers that reinforce a proactive improvement culture

  • That can include processes to speed up learning, reduce the risk of human error and lock in best practice habits as well as feedback to capture lessons learned to support further improvement

Focused Improvement routines that delivers year on year performance gains

  • That can involve a mix of low cost or no cost front line team improvements to deliver operational stability, Technology programmes to improve process control and optimise operational resilience and Capital Project delivery processes to achieve flawless operation from day 1 and lowest operational life cycle costs from capital investment.

 our approach2