About DAK Consulting


DAK stands for Direction and Knowledge.

  • Research into the reasons why Lean and TPM improvement tools produce good results in some companies but not others found that success depends on the right blend of Direction (Mindset) and Knowledge (Skill set) that is why this is both our name and our mission.

To provide our customers with the Direction to deliver superior performance we have created a diagnostic process that now includes the improvement road map benchmarks from over 300 organisations.  This provides the insight to guide leadership transitions from reactive to stable to optimised operations.   A journey that less than 1% of organisations complete to become industry leaders.

That provides a foundation to build on progress to date and equip internal improvement leaders and their teams with the Knowledge they need to progress towards industry leading performance goals.

Our delivery support involves practical application of LeanTPM principles and techniques to 

  • Tame Technology to break out of reactive management.
  • Ratchet up Performance to lock in gains and deliver new value from operations
  • Deliver better projects faster to deliver flawless operation from day 1 and systematic improvement of return on investment

Support plans are developed to meet specific needs that can range from 

  • Management briefings to
    • Improvement programme design and delivery
  • Personal development courses to
    • Company wide workplace learning programmes

Current and recent well known and award winning organisations include 3M, BPL, Britvic Soft Drinks, Butchers Petcare, Du Pont, Heineken, Johnson Matthey, Mitsubishi, Petroineos, and IKEA.