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The Pursuit of Excellence

Delivering industry leading performance takes more than technical knowledge.  Success depends on a blend of Direction and Knowledge.  That is what DAK stands for.

It is both our name and our purpose because at DAK Consulting, we're passionate about helping organisations with the pursuit of excellence.

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Systematic improvement 

Every year, your people grow, evolve, and learn.  We help you to tap into that transformative journey, leveraging the power of Total Productive Manufacturing (TPM) Lean and Digitisation to achieve remarkable results.

By guiding that learning we help organisations to capture lessons learned and refine their operations through systematic improvement that leads to significant gains.

Creating Centres of Excellence

With DAK Consulting, companies don't just improve; they evolve into award-winning, respected centres of excellence.  We're committed to turning your Operations into a powerhouse of efficiency and quality. 

Building Internal Expertise

The journey doesn't end with operational improvement.  We build your team's expertise, enabling them to drive continuous improvement.

In addition each step of the journey releases management and specialist time for higher value adding activities.

We help you to redirect that time and foster an environment where innovation can flourish. The outcome is enhanced cross functional collaboration to not only meet the needs of today but also shape the trends of tomorrow.

That ensures that your organisation doesn't just grow, but thrives, adapting and excelling in an ever-changing business landscape.

Moving Beyond Traditional Operational Excellence

The TPM roadmap steps provide the clarity and focus needed to adapt and excel. 

That clears the clutter, so that you can concentrate on simultaneously ratcheting up effectiveness and delivering new, competitive product and service offerings.

A combination that is essential to retain customers and win new ones. Let's embark on this journey of continuous improvement and innovation together.

Accelerating the Pace of Improvement

Our improvement process is based on research into the improvement journeys of over 300 organisations.  That provides us with a practical framework to change the shop floor reality from reactive to stable to optimised operations.    A journey that less than 1% of organisations complete to become industry leaders.

We use that to help organisations to accelerate the pace of improvement and build on existing good practices.  To do that we adapt Lean and TPM toolsets to achieve solid business gains.

Our well known and award winning customers include 3M, BPL, Britvic Soft Drinks, Butchers Petcare, Coca Cola, Du Pont, Heineken, Johnson Matthey, Mitsubishi, Pirelli and Walkers (Pepsi),

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