Make TPM Lean and Digital Programme
  • The Promise of Digitisation

    Imagine a workplace where every process is streamlined and every piece of data is at your fingertips.  That's always been the goal of TPM and Lean but  it is now much easier to achieve by integrating TPM, Lean, and Digitisation.  A programme where you can:

    • Use the power of a digital ecosystem.
      • Connecting legacy systems and applying machine learning will unveil insights that drive operational effectiveness.
    • Craft a new operational blueprint.
      • To customise how to use the digital ecosystem to improve current performance and systematically enhance every aspect of future operations.
    • Establish a digital backbone.
      • Linking legacy systems with web-based platforms to deliver shared workstreams.
    • Use this ecosystem to revolutionise plant and workflow effectiveness.
      • It becomes the bedrock for boosting productivity and fostering collaboration across value streams.

    In addition to performance gains, the transition creates a connected internal network of improvement leaders.  The enhanced connectivity and quality of feedback helps them to embed a proactive improvement culture.  

    Our role is to raise awareness of new opportunities and facilitate the change process.  We do that by working with your team to identify potential gains and develop a road map to deliver it.  That includes the creation of a new blueprint to define customised new ways of working and develop internal capabilities as part of the day to day routine. See articles below for more details. 

    Next steps include support for practical projects to demonstrate how to release the synergy between TPM, Lean and Digital connectivity. A journey of discovery where real-time data unveils lost effectiveness, deciphers cause and effect, and validates countermeasures within the daily workflow.  That is covered by our Newsletter on Make TPM Lean and Digital: Implementation.

    Contact us to find out more about how we can help your team to accelerate the pace of improvement and deliver the full potential of your operations.

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