What Exemplar Organisations Do Well

These are:

  • Setting direction,
  • Building capability,
  • Performance management
  • Execution.

Click on the articles below for more information on each process and how to benchmark your organisation against these industry leading performers

  • Setting Direction

    If your improvement process could release an hour of shop floor labour what would you do with it? How would that gain be converted into bottom line benefits?

    For example, one organisation in the survey delivered the following increase in performance:

    • 8% productivity gains worth £3.4m per annum due to improved reliability, lower absenteeism and less staff turnover.
    • 5% less material usage worth £4.0m due to improved process capability, reduced scrap and defect/rework reduction.
    • 20% less power usage
    • Increased capacity of 15% worth an additional £2m net profit.

    The bottom line benefit almost double net profit levels.

    In this organisation, although there were technical improvements, around 90% of the gains were delivered through low cost or no cost changes in ways of working.

    This included

    • changing the sequencing of tasks to reduce set up times,
    • standardising practices to reduce human error and skill development time
    • improving work place organisation.

    These gains involved an investment of around 5% of front line team time in improvement activities. Headcount did not increase, the investment in time saved the time to make further improvements.

    To deliver the return on investment, first line managers were coached to coach.

    Performance management processes were enhanced to incorporate progress of improvement actions and skill development.

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