LeanTPM Roadmap Support

Our Workplan

Support plans use practical 90 day cycles of activity carried out alongside the daily routine. 

That involves a mix of working sessions, coaching and hands on support to integrate with the business management process and facilitate the transfer of skills from our consultants to internal personnel.  

Support Milestones

 Figure 1: LeanTPM Roadmap Implementation Milestones

Planning and Preparation

The first steps are a Management Awareness and Review activity to assess current status against the road map benchmarks. That includes a working sessions to agree barriers, gaps and priorities for action to build on existing capabilities. 

That supports the development of a mobilisation programme to launch the pilot phase of the Roadmap programme.


Start small using practical projects around troublesome assets to:

  • Build shift/area team capabilities
  • Develop the insight of what is needed to underpin year on year improvement in effectiveness.
  • Raise operational resilience and release time to progress through the road map capability levels.

The initial project(s) provides local and senior leadership with the hands on experience to identify how to:

  • Stabilise and ratchet up effectiveness as part of the daily management routine.
  • Identify practical improvement actions.
  • Engage front line teams with systematic development of capabilities to deliver year on year improvement of asset effectiveness.
  • Develop a practical roll out cascade to transfer lessons learned across the organisation.

Customised coaching plans support the adoption of LeanTPM roadmap principles as part of the day to day management routine.  This activity aligns roughly with functional management roles.

Roll Out cascade

The blueprint for transferring the lessons learned from the pilot process to other areas will be developed as part of the pilot programme.  Typically this will involve a phased approach to allow time to develop new capabilities and working relationships.  


As new ways of working improve effectiveness, management and specialist routines are simplified and can be transferred to front line teams.  That also locks in the gains and supports the development of high performance teams.

In House Training and Academies

To unlock the potential of individuals and support the delivery of business goals, we can also create training programmes and in-house training academies to drive tangible performance improvement.  Programmes that:

  • Encourage ownership of learning goals and pathways.
  • Provide individuals and teams with the skills they need to deliver year on year improvement.
  • Reinforce a proactive culture and the values of the organisation.

Internal training courses provide "how to" guides for each part of the roadmap including:

Improving Reliability and Resilience

  • Asset Care best practice
  • Work routine design and skill development
  • Maintenance Planning

Ratcheting Up Performance

  • TPM Leadership Best Practice
  • Lean Maintenance
  • Performance management

Delivering Better Projects Faster

  • Specification and Life Cycle Cost Management
  • Design and Performance Management
  • Project and Risk Management

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